This Week 1/24

We hope you had a great week. The weather sure made if feel a lot more like winter and the low temperatures kept us inside most of the week. We did lots of movement activities in our classrooms and took advantage of our large open common areas to get out our energy. This week was all about hibernation. The children explored hibernation in their classrooms and had fun making bears and bear caves. Meteor Martin from Science Made Fun came to visit our center this week. He did lots of fun experiments with us. We got to see how you can blow up a balloon by using baking soda and vinegar. Meteor Martin filled the balloons with baking soda and attached them each to a beaker that had vinegar in it. The balloons were then lifted and as the baking soda and vinegar interacted carbon dioxide filled the balloons to blow them up. We also took turns putting salt into soda and watched as the salt forced the soda to release carbon dioxide bubbles. Next week as we wrap up our study on winter we will talk about winter clothes.