Our Classrooms

Ages 6 weeks to 12 months

Teacher/Child Ratio: 1:4
Class name: Kitah Gilah (Joy)

Our goal is to provide a caring, nurturing, and safe environment for our youngest children. The infants enjoy individualized care from their teachers as well as the opportunity to have their first social encounters. In addition to having their physical and nutritional needs met, our teachers read, cuddle, sing, dance, talk, and play with our children in a loving way each and every day.

Ages 12 to 24 months

Teacher/ChildRatio: 1:5
Class name: Kitah Osher (Happiness)

Our goal is to provide a positive first experience with preschool. The teachers create a warm and inviting environment to allow children to develop a sense of well-being and connection to teachers and each other. Daily activities include: art, stories, active play (both indoors and outdoors), snacks, and free choice play.

Ages 24 to 36 months

Teacher/Child Ratio: 1:9
Class name: Kitah Tikvah (Hope)

Building on social skills which have already developed, the goals are to help children function as part of a social group, and develop beginning preschool and self-help skills. Daily activities include reading, planned and child-directed art activities, circle time, snack time, free choice play, music and movement, and active play (both indoors and outdoors). Themes are chosen based on the interests of the children. Examples of themes have included bears, winter, and trucks. This classroom will also help children master potty-training.

Ages 36 to 48 months

Teacher/Child Ratio: 1:10
Class name: Kitah Chaverim (Friends)

Our goal is to help children continue to develop into kind, caring individuals. They are typically potty-trained and are ready to explore new challenges. They are engaged in various theme-based activities. This class enjoys exploring nature indoors and outdoors, as well as learning about the world around us.

Ages 4 to 5 years PreK

Teacher/Child Ratio 1:13
Class name: Kitah Lev (Heart)

The goal is to provide a comprehensive preschool experience to help children succeed in Kindergarten. Daily activities include: reading, writing, free choice, group work, active play outdoors, art, music, STEAM, cooking and more. This class engage in several in-depth studies each year, typically over the course of 4 to 6 weeks each. Studies include all targeted areas for development and are centered on a specific topic.

Ages 5 to 12 years

Teacher/Child Ratio 1:10
Class name: Etid (Future)

Our goal is to help children succeed in their virtual classes during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Children bring their own devices and headphones for their regular online classes and our teachers help when needed. When not doing virtual learning, this class enjoys outside time, puzzles, and small group activities.