This Week 2/8/19

This month at KJP we are learning all about balls! We will explore different sizes and types, as well as practice kicking, catching, and throwing balls. We will also learn about balls through art by making, rolling, and painting them. This study shows how to use children’s interest in ball to help explore social studies and science concepts related to the features and nature of balls, and to use skills in literacy, math, and the arts as they investigate.

This week we practiced rolling in Osher and Tikvah, and had time to bounce and count in Chaverim, Lev, and Shalom. On Tuesday we had music with Sherrie and on Thursday we played soccer. We ended the week by bringing in a ball from home to talk about with our class.

Next week we will continue our exploration of balls and also talk about the Dentist. Have a great weekend!